The power of good deed

Over time, the verbs "to be", "to have" and "to give" have been used a lot. Quite a few are saying that "to be" is annihilated nowadays by "to have", and "to give" seems to not even exist anymore. Often we do not want to think of these verbs and we actually tend to refuse to be because we refuse to have the willingness to give. We are accustomed, whether we offer love, pieces of advice or money, to wait for something in return.

If we watch two or three-year-old children playing in the park, we can already predict which ones prefer "to have" and who prefer "to give." But education begins from this age. Unlike other countries where "to give" has become a tradition, we timidly test today the way of generosity. The Romanian school, unfortunately, does not contain a clear chapter in which to learn about generosity. Tired of beggars, we turn our heads when a child or an old man asking for money appear at the traffic light. Indeed, generosity doesn’t imply that, and we do not have to educate our children to understand it. But, instead, we should ask ourselves every day whether we have "given enough" to those around us, be it smiles, kind words, good deeds.

"To give" is a moral duty of every individual who lives on this planet much better than their fellowmen. "To give" is the power of the good deed that each of us has the moral duty to show to our children. "To give" is that "thank you" we are addressing to those who do things we alone cannot do. "To give" is what makes us strong, helps us to turn good thoughts into facts that can change the lives of others, the things around us, the world itself.

I and the entire Genesis team believe enormously in the force of this word, which can lend wings to hope and can end up saving lives. Yearly, the Genesis Collegiate Foundation organizes the GENESIS FOR LIFE charity event, through which we try to bring our share of good to the society and give a chance to those who most need it. This year, we want to help Catalin Cirstoveanu, at “Marie Curie” Hospital, to purchase a dialysis machine for children under two kilos, which makes the difference between life and death for preterm babies. On June 17th, we host at the Italian Embassy Residence a charity concert to help raise the necessary amount - € 20,000 and for that we have created an online donation page


This time, "giving" means premature babies "will have a chance to be." Be alive.

The message of the Founder President of Genesis Collegiate, Ioana Nicula
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