Recital Daniel Goiti at the Romanian Athenaeum

In a world increasingly focused on violence, cruelty and superficiality, I find the idea of ​​the Genesis Foundation to be welcoming, to bring to light its art and harmony. The "Beauty" was the key word of introductory speech held by both Ioana Nicula, President of the Genesis Foundation and Cosmin Alexandru, President of the "Erudio" Foundation.

Their target audience is represented by children. Thus, in the evening of 15 April, the Cultural Center "Genesis" was inaugurated at the Athenaeum. And what better method to celebrate such an event than through music?

The Japanese pianist Daniel Goiti was invited to perform a recital whose selection was carefully selected: "Lyrical pieces" by Grieg, Romanta and Rahmaninov's Picture Studies, and "Musorgsky's Exhibitions". The artist's majesty has been evident since the first agreements that wrapped up the hall. Grieg’s plays faithfully rendered the Norwegian character imprinted by the composer.



Rahmaninov's studies found in Daniel Goiti's interpretation the perfect balance between impetuosity, melancholy, explosive joy and refinement. After a short break, the pianist returned to the keyboard to play Musorgski's suite. Again, the artist gave free rein to his sensitivity, out of the ordinary, but in the form of a perfect technique. The tunes had the necessary weight to counterbalance springlike cadence ease. Freshness, warmth and joy, this is what Daniel Goiti gave generously to people who came to listen to him. And finally the audience rewarded the pianist with generous applause for minutes in a row.


Daniel Goiti's recital was in tune with the spring that eventually set in: with a subtle and warm scent.

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